27 January 2022

Happy new year! With a new academic year upon us here is a very incomplete list of a few key papers the NEWTS group was involved with last year. Looking forward to more fun projects in 2022! If you want to work with us on topics related to these or similar ideas, please get in touch.

Congrats to all lead authors on their efforts!

15 July 2021

Group member Elsa Palumbo (Caltech '23) has submitted her first first-author paper, "Evidence for Centrifugal Breakout around the Young M Dwarf TIC 234284556." You can read the manuscript on the arXiv at this link and you can read her summary of the article here. Congrats, Elsa!

13 January 2021

Newest Group Member, January 2021

We have a group website! This is where we'll post the latest about new papers, major milestones for group members, and other events worth reporting.

This space will also feature guest posts from different members of the group highlighting both the day-to-day life and lived experiences of group members. Watch this space!