Meet the NEWTS

Benjamin Montet Twitter Github Email

I'm the PI of the NEWTS group and the Scientia Lecturer in the School of Physics at the University of New South Wales. I'm interested in developing data-driven methods to understand the formation and dynamics of planetary systems and how the magnetic activity of their host stars changes over time.

Ryan Morris Twitter Github Email

I'm a first year graduate student in the School of Physics at the University of New South Wales. I'm interested in characterizing the exoplanet population to constrain the occurrence rates of exoplanets by analyzing the chemical abundances of their host stars and how this may favor the development of certain planetary systems.

Andrew Jolly Twitter Github Email

I am a first year physics PhD student at UNSW in Sydney. I am interested in utilizing machine learning techniques to build accurate models of stellar surfaces and then use those models to find exoplanets in radial velocity datasets.

Jenny Wang

I'm a fourth-year bachelor of computer science/maths student at UNSW. I'm interested in analysing data from the TESS mission to find new planets in full-frame image data and in API development.

Elsa Palumbo

I’m a third year physics and astrophysics double-major at Caltech. I am interested in magnetic activity around young stars, and in finding and characterizing young planets. My current research focuses on centrifugal breakout around a 45-million-year-old M dwarf.

Morgan Porritt

I am a fourth year undergraduate of Physics and Computer Science at UNSW. I am investigating planetary dynamics, especially in systems with long timescales of observation. I’m currently looking at dynamics of known planets from the K2 mission.

Previous Group Members

Adina Feinstein Website

Currently a graduate student at the University of Chicago.